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There is an inner landscape that sounds the wild call for stillness. It is both empty and cognizant at the same time. We may fall into its desert and become lost. Here, we may disappear, dissolve, die before we die. We are searching for a life, fully lived.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Journey to the Well: Part Three

Let's catch up with Amy in this next chapter of "Journey to the Well" (see last posting 4/3/09) as she stands at the threshold of a defining experience. Will she abdicate responsibility for creating her life to Mr. Social Mind, or will she embrace this responsibility? If she allows her partner to be in command of all the movements on the dance floor, she will not only hand over her responsibility but also her energy circuits. Her dance partner will use these to fuel his own agenda. As a result, Amy could limit her life and creativity and simply be used to fuel Mr. SM’s institutions.

Consider the possibility of Amy becoming invested and controlled by Mr. Social Mind's evolutionary process instead of her own. What meaning might this take on for her body, relationships and available resources in the second developmental stage, the sacral chakra? It follows, then, that the more she is energetically invested in the external world of Mr. SM the more authority over her reality he can hold! This external authority significantly affects her access to personal, internal guidance. After all, Mr. SM’s agenda is safety and security, not individual development. Amy could loose sight of her true face and give up her lifeblood very early on in the dance.

As Amy’s feeling nature now develops in the second stage of the dance, it will dictate her boundaries, her relationships, her power in the external world, and her sexuality. The possibility of entanglement, the misuse of allure and attraction, confusion between pain and pleasure, melodrama and thrill seeking all appear on the horizon. Will she have enough of her own energy source available to say “no” when necessary? Will she be susceptible to energetic violations and betrayal?

Two important questions begin to arise for Amy at this stage. These inner question are: What do I feel? What really excites and fascinates me?

Will she be capable of discerning the answers? Will she be seduced by Mr.SM’s beliefs and pledge her allegiance to the social mind propaganda? Will she accept the cultural belief that financial energy equals sexual energy, that the competitive edge dictates success, and that being “on top” of your game is essential? How will she respond to the accepted behavior model of being in someone else’s business?

At a personal level, the sacral chakra, or second energetic developmental stage, energizes the feeling nature and the creative urge to express. Should Amy become unbalanced, she might identify with intense feelings and urges and appear frantic, overly sensitive and needy. This development stage is the energetic source of co-dependency patterns. Here, Amy’s developing ego learns to experience life as relational. Constrictions or build-ups at this level can flow into negative expressions and sexual extremes.

They often become Shadows, collecting unexpressed feelings and holding them in the subconscious mind. Amy could express a host of patterns that might include disassociation, deep depression, inappropriate sexual behavior, and other emotional addictions.

The push to create, that defines this second energetic level, can take various forms, the most obvious one being the urge to recreate ourselves in our children. The energetic spark to put an artistic or musical creation out into the world also rises out of the same flame. If Amy’s creative urge rushes through an unbalanced second chakra, she might have the tendency to reach for titillation and gratification from outside objects or people. If she becomes identified with such strong feelings, her personal power will be given away to them. In her hunger for intensity, Amy may take “a walk on the wild side “. Such dramas will mask her real emotions.

As Amy waltzes through this second developmental period, the base chakra’s survival/security aspects around money move into a more individual version of the society’s belief system. In general, what originates in the base chakra as social mind indoctrination about money, now impacts her life force in the second chakra in money interactions with individuals. All her expectations around money and security, which began in her first dance steps with Mr. Social Mind’s base chakra program, are now fine-tuned. These steps are now played out in the relationships Amy attracts into her life. She will get to prove the beliefs she accepted through “human homeopathy”. Her beliefs become a tuning fork for life experiences that hold identical vibrations. These proofs about her beliefs are drawn to her in packages such as betrayals about sex, power and money.

As we watch Amy’s next steps, we wonder just how she might navigate the manipulation and control we all become energetically familiar with at a very young age. Let’s keep in mind that the method of education in our families, our schools, and our religious institutions is based on the same dynamics as any political propaganda program. Amy will bump up against the indoctrination style of repetition, reward and punishment. It will be justified to her as the need for “ behavior modification.”

Be ever so still, dear Amy, least you become overwhelmed in Mr. SM’s fast moves and accept his agenda for creating good citizens instead of freedom and creativity.

Amy’s second developmental stage, her sacral chakra, empowers her one-on-one relationships. It impacts her need to control another human being, events, and the environment. As her dance takes on more complex patterns, if she follows her partner too closely, she will forget her heart’s vision and the capacity to nurture herself.

We now notice that Mr. Social Mind’s pace across the dance floor is rapidly increasing. What exactly is Mr. Social Mind trying to control with the steps he insists Amy pour her life force into? Does his motivation perhaps include an attempt to control Amy’s rate of evolution?

Please join us for Part Three as Amy’s journey moves forward.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Journey to the Well: Part One

In the previous post, we were turning the introductory pages of a story we called, “The Hidden Treasure”. We had followed our precious child, Amy, through an initial scene of early development and left her wandering in a disorienting landscape of social conditioning. All her attention has been harnessed. Her eyes are now pointing in the direction of the external world. How this affects Amy’s energetic resonance and her body/mind is our story’s next focus.

If we follow the architecture of Amy’s development, we will notice that it seems to be hierarchical in nature. Any distortion at one level is carried forward into the next. For example, unbalanced security and survival issues at the first physical/sensual stage will take on more emotional force in the next developing feeling stage. These will then be brought into Amy’s forming mental/cognitive nature and self-image.

To help us grasp the full picture of how Amy creates her personal history, the story establishes a structure around which to organize her experience. It utilizes an energetic framework and creates architecture for examining the false self, the ego. This framework organizes Amy’s developmental stages into an energetic language, known to us as the chakra system. It allows us to follow how she manages the vital force, as it encounters the social conditioning. Amy’s dance into the landscape of “ the social mind program” begins.

The story describes Amy’s dance as a waltz with a partner called Mr. Social Mind. The first few steps determine just how tightly Mr. SM will hold Amy as he waltzes her across the dance-floor. As the music starts, we begin to wonder how easily she will be able to extract herself from his embrace and spin into her own free style solo. What now unfolds in the story brings us deep understanding and compassion about her struggle for genuine happiness in this partner’s arms.

With the first spin around the dance floor Amy begins to create her primary sense of safety and survival. The basic grounding rod begins to take shaped. In energetic terms, this dimension is called the base or “ root “ chakra. It actually controls the adrenal gland, and the health of the spine & kidneys depends on its integrity. This is the root of Amy’s sense of security, her feeling of being grounded and having a firm foundation. With this energy she will attempt to stand on her own two feet in life and be clear about her willingness to fully inhabit her body.

If her development remains stuck at this stage, feelings of despair, rage and isolation will create the world as “ unsafe “. So, now a projection of “ the self against the world (others) “ moves her into a sense of separation. If Amy attaches to this viewpoint, her behavior could expand into extreme aggression and the urge for immediate gratification.

At this point in the story, we are following Amy at a particular level of consciousness, one dictated by its focus on survival and security issues. This is Amy’s initial dance as creator of her own reality. Here, she could easily become hypnotized by her partner’s tight hold and abdicate responsibility for her own steps in the dance. Her partner, Mr. SM, might take command and hijack the innocent energy that drives her step. Our concern for Amy now escalates. If Mr. SM is successful in taking command, he will also usurp the energy needed to fuel her biology. She may become his life support instead of her own.

As Part One of “The Hidden Treasure” closes we wonder about Amy’s future. Who might she show up as, if she extracted herself from Mr. SM? If she took responsibility for directing her life force, instead of letting her partner lead, what would she create with this model of awareness?

Please stay tuned for the next chapter.